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What Is The Connection Between SEO And Digital Marketing?

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SEO is defined as search engine optimization. It is one of the most prominent parts of digital marketing. Its worth can be clearly seen as despite the arrival of a lot of modern technologies, SEO is still is in huge demand. Nowadays it does not matter what kind of online business a company is doing, without SEO it is very difficult to increase the reach.


What is the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing?

Nowadays people search almost everything on the internet. People may get surprised but there are also videos on the Internet about how to boil water. This shows that people search a lot of things regarding their daily life on the internet. These searches can be used to generate leads. And this is where SEO comes in. SEO helps in increasing the visibility of the page. More visibility, higher rankings means more leads and more income. Based on the requirement, small businesses can avail small business SEO services.

Search engines are software. It can scan pages according to the keywords. This is also called as crawling. Through digital marketing, the content is optimized and is uploaded on the website. And after this, the search engine can determine the content using the crawling process.

Crawling: It can be defined as the process to read and analyse the data. Whenever a person writes anything on search engine, a crawler searches for that keyword in the whole database. After this, the results are displayed on SERP (Search engine result pages). The results are displayed on the basis of optimization of the content and website.

SEO is further categorised into two parts on the basis on Optimization levels. These are ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO.

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